Maternity Clothes: What to Wear & What to Avoid

by Mums Maternity on January 17, 2022

Hurrah! I missed the period! Someone is growing inside me! How can I portray the eternal happiness of my mind? Well, the feeling is mutual I guess! I felt the same way, during my first time. Those feelings can’t be described in word only a mother can understand. Now be serious and consult with your doctor for assurance.

The time is very crucial right now. From eating to clothing, you have to be very careful. You are not alone now. You have to think about the baby as well. Today we are here to discuss everything about the clothes you should wear and avoid during this time.

What Not To Wear During Pregnancy

During my time, I learned many tips about what should wear. But nobody actually told me, what to avoid and what is harmful. Avoiding some clothes during this time is essential.

Let’s see what should be prevented altogether.

Synthetic Fabrics

Clothes that are made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester should be avoided entirely. Synthetic material made clothes is not breathable. You will feel irritated as those clothes hold heat to the skin.

Permanent Press Clothes

If there is any permanent press or wrinkle free tag in cloth, you should avoid that as well. According to experts, those clothes are made of chemicals that can harm the skin.

Horizontal Stripes Clothes

You should also avoid clothes with horizontal stripes. Yes, you read right! Horizontal stripes are popular amongst pregnancy wear, but those are not flattering. You will get irritation and discomfort by wearing those.

Tight Clothes

Tight fitting clothes are strongly forbidden during maternity. If the clothing is tightened around the belly, it will put pressure on your tummy. It can hurt you and your baby. Besides, you can’t move comfortably by wearing tight clothes.

Hard To Take Off Clothes

During pregnancy, you have to visit toilet frequently. That’s why you should avoid those clothes that are complicated to take off.

High Heel Wearing

Shoes with heels should also be avoided. You will gain weight. So, it would be tough for you to balance by wearing high heels.

What To Wear During Pregnancy

Forget those traditional prejudices like, you are pregnant, and you have to give up your style sense! Time has changed. Now, mothers are doing everything during their pregnancy.

Pregnancy is no longer an obstacle of professionalism. Women of present time don’t want to hide their pregnancy. Instead, they choose to wear something that increases their glamor so that people forget to notice their growing belly. Manufacturers are making specially designed maternity clothes at present that provides classiness and comfort at the same time.

Let’s see what you can wear during this period.

Clothing For Professionals

Well, for professionals it is quite challenging to pick the right dress. Though you can continue wearing regular clothes in the first 3 months after that, you should look for some maternity clothes. Such as:

Maternity Shirts

You can wear shirts that are specially designed for the pregnant women. If you go for maternity shirts, you don’t have to pick the larger size. Rather you can select your current size in the maternity version.

Maternity Jeans

For office going women, jeans are the coolest outfit. During pregnancy, you can wear them while going to the office. But you should switch in maternity jeans for more fit and comfort.

Maternity Tops

There are lots of maternity designed tops available in the market. For going to the office, you can pick a couple of them. It will increase your classiness and positively keeps your confidence.

Clothing For Winter

No matter whether you are professional or not, during winter you should wear something that can keep you warm and on the other hand doesn’t harm your styling. You can consider about wearing:

Maternity Jackets

If styling is your utmost concern you can wear maternity jackets during this time. Those come in various style and price range. Those are comfortable and made of skin friendly materials.

Maternity Coats

During winter maternity coats are the most famous dress for professional mothers. They keep their professionalism, offer comfort and make them look stylish. You can grab maternity coats even if you are a housewife.

Clothing For Exercise

Doctors strongly recommends women to exercise during pregnancy. It will keep you and your baby in good condition. Some dresses can help you to do exercise comfortably during this time.

Maternity Yoga Pants

You can wear maternity yoga pants for exercising. Those are comfortable and stretchy. Besides, those are made of Cotton, Lycra, Spandex material which is not harmful to your body as well.

Maternity Leggings

You can also wear maternity leggings that are made of natural fabrics. Leggings are good for exercising. Those can even wear for walking, going to parties, or even going to the office.


You can wear T-shirt that is made of natural materials. Those are also good for exercising and regular time use. Avoid wearing tight fittings.

Maternity Swimwear

Swimming is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise. You can do swimming by wearing soft maternity swimwear.

Inner Clothes

During pregnancy, your body will go through lots of changes. So, your regular inner clothes will not fit at all. In that case, you can wear:

Maternity Bras

Throughout your pregnancy, your breast will increase a lot. So, you should switch in maternity bras. Those are made of soft fabric to provide you comfort. Besides, those will remain fit with your growing breast. You won’t get any irritation that’s for sure.

Maternity Panties

In the case of panties, there is some controversy. Some said you should wear maternity panties whereas other said the opposite. Well, as those are specially designed for pregnant women, so comfort is the major thing you will get. Though you can pass your pregnancy period by wearing regular panties for full support maternity panties are the must.

Maternity Footwear

Though there is no such footwear available in the market that is designed only for pregnant women, there are some shoes that are right for them. You have to wear shoes that are supportive, comfortable and offer balance during this time.

What About Maternity Support Belt?

You will definitely need maternity support belt during pregnancy. Your body will change a lot, and you will gain massive weight throughout your journey. As a matter of fact, your body can’t balance your tummy properly. For that, a maternity support belt will prove to be beneficial.

Finally, You can even wear those maternity clothes several months even after your labor. Come on; your body will not come to shape just after the child birth. You will get your regular figure slowly. So, during that time, specially designed maternity clothes will provide you the comfort you want. Invest during pregnancy and continue getting the benefits yet after the childbirth.